Advanced Start Political Science Degree

Do you feel the thrill every time a major election approaches? Are you fascinated by complex political issues and have a passion for making a difference in your community? A degree program in political science can be the first step to a rewarding career in many different fields. Whether you want to work directly with politicians or bring your knowledge to the classroom, a political science degree can help you get there.

Advanced Start Political Science Degree

Advanced start political science students already have some kind of degreewhether it is an associate or bachelors degreeso many general requirement classes are complete. This means coursework focuses directly on political science. Once you get into the nitty-gritty of your major, you can whet your appetite for politics with courses like:

  • Constitutional Law
  • World Politics
  • Public Opinion
  • International Relations
  • Political Theory

Preparing to Work in Political Science

Political science graduates might work on political campaigns, in law offices or in government agencies. Some become journalists, reporting on national and international affairs. Others head back to the classroom, teaching subjects like political science and history to primary and secondary grades.

An interest in the American political system is the first step to an educational track that could hold the door of opportunity wide open. With a degree in political science, there’s no telling where your career might take you!

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