City Government Worker

City government workers provide a variety of services for constituents, including those related to transportation, public safety, education, health care, utilities, and the courts. Careers in this field include chief executives, legislators, managers, judges and clerks, tax collectors, firefighters and law enforcement personnel, public transportation workers, and various administrative positions.

Work conditions and required training vary significantly according to the job and sometimes locale. An interest in political science or U.S. history could prove beneficial in this career path.

City Government Salary Projections

The employment outlook for individuals working in city government positions is expected to increase by 8 percent through the year 2018, as compared to the 11-percent growth average projected for all industries combined. While the increased shift of responsibility from the Federal level to the State and local levels will spur new jobs, some of that will be offset by budget cuts.

Wages also vary substantially according to occupation, with salaries for executive and managerial positions ranging from $45,000 to $95,000 (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Additionally, most city government workers enjoy impressive health, life, and retirement benefits.

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