Christian Studies Degree

Do you love spreading the Good News? Are you interested in learning more about how to counsel, teach and minister to others biblically? If you’re fascinated by religion and, in particular, how the Bible and Christianity relate to a broader understanding of theology and philosophy, a degree in Christian Studies can deepen your understanding of Christianity and equip you to minister to others.

In addition to building a solid foundation for effective ministry, a degree in Christian Studies can enhance your own spiritual walk, which could benefit you in any line of work.

Christian Studies Degrees

In addition to taking surveys in biblical studies, religion and theology, students enroll in communication, critical thinking and leadership courses to develop the practical skills associated with full-time ministry.

Available courses may include the following:

  • Christian Worldview
  • Global Awareness, Perspectives and Ethics
  • Old Testament Historical Perspectives
  • New Testament Historical Perspectives
  • Moses and the Prophets
  • Jesus and His Interpreters
  • History of Christianity
  • Contemporary Theology

Preparing to Work in Christian Studies

Graduates of a Christian Studies program can look for work in various locations, from Christian ministry at churches to missions’ organizations, schools and more. The skills and experience gained in the degree program allows you to provide spiritual counsel to others while gaining a real sense of accomplishment and value from your daily work.

Do you have a calling to go out and share the message of Jesus? Get equipped with a background in Christian studies that helps you dive deeper into scripture, examine verses from different angles and preach in a clearer format.

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