Corporate Coach

Corporate coaches assist top-level executives in the achievement of their business and personal goals, usually functioning as a sounding board, a motivator and an advisor.

Corporate coaches (also known as executive coaches or life coaches) are people who work one-on-one with managers and top-level executives to help them excel in their jobs. While this is a relatively new field in the business world, it is a rapidly growing area where individuals possessing both business experience and a background in psychology can help organizations maximize their people potential.

In order to enter this field in the past, one had to be an executive oneself with the experience and the results to prove one’s acumen. Today however, the sheer demand for corporate coaches has prompted the creation of coaching degrees and certificate courses – many which can be taken online via distance learning. Both the advanced degrees and the certificate courses in corporate coaching can be taken by those working as executives or who work with other executives in a support role.

Corporate Coach Job Description

Successful corporate coaching combines bits of psychology with traditional coaching skills. Corporate coaches accomplish the following:

  • Understand how their clients operate both physically and psychologically as related to the overall business
  • Motivate their clients to achieve set goals that answer business needs
  • Project a results-driven, personable, and creative demeanor
  • Bring measurable value to a company by enhancing an executive’s performance

Corporate Coach Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median yearly wages of vocational counselors (a field with many similarities to corporate coaching) were $51,050 in May of 2009. The middle 50% earned between $38,740 and $65,360. Meanwhile the lowest 10% of vocational counselors earned less than $29,360 while the top 90% earned more than $82,330.

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