Cultural Anthropology Degree

Cultural anthropologists study living peoples within their social settings — their beliefs, practices, values, ideas, technologies, economies and more.

Cultural anthropologists (also known as socio-cultural anthropologists) study the culture of humans with the aim of comparing social groups and perhaps explaining why certain behaviors exist. Their work is done by scientific observation and face-to-face interviews with people, comparing findings of one particular group with that of another. For example, they may seek to compare the culture of computer programmers with the culture of professional athletes.

Cultural Anthrology Degrees

To enter this field, a bachelor’s degree will be enough to land you an entry-level position such as research assistant, writer or trainee. But having an advanced degree opens up your employment opportunities. Graduates with master’s degrees are typically qualified for many research and analysis positions outside of colleges and universities. A doctorate degree, however, is generally required for teaching positions at the college level.

To begin your journey to becoming a cultural anthropologist, take a look at the many online degrees offered by learning institutions.

Cultural Anthropologist Job Description

Cultural anthropologists study how people behave in a social setting. As such, they accomplish the following tasks:

  • They interview subjects face-to-face, taking down notes and observations
  • They examine, analyze, and compare the data gathered from observation and interviews
  • They write reports and papers on their findings relating how and why different groups of people behave the way they do
  • They work in varied settings — from studying primitive cultures in third world countries to studying current human concerns in an office setting in a developed country

Cultural Anthropologist Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median yearly wages of anthropologists were $53,460 in May of 2009. The middle 50% earned between $39,030 and $71,450. Meanwhile the lowest 10% of anthropologists earned less than $31,530 while the top 90% earned more than $87,890.

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