Geography Degree

Are you fascinated by the effects of land structure and form on climate, soil and wildlife? Do you want to study the environment and how it is affected by ecology, landmass, weather and other factors? Earning a geography degree can not only answer those questions, but it can provide you with the credentials to start a career in this interesting field.

Geography Degrees

Students enrolled in a geography degree program study the fundamentals of various divisions of geography with the opportunity to specialize in a particular aspect, such as physical geography, human geography and world geography.

Individuals in the program may choose from classes like the following:

  • Geographic Techniques and Methods
  • Cartography
  • History of Geographic Thought
  • Quantitative Geography
  • Climatology
  • Environmental Studies
  • Geomorphology

Preparing to Work in Geography

Graduates of an accredited geography degree program can seek a variety of entry-level jobs in the field. Possible careers include cartographer, geological surveyor, climatologist, soil conservationist and wildlife preservationist. Individuals in this field often work closely with those in local government and play an invaluable role in urban planning, population estimations and project development management.

Map out your own career, and enroll in a geography degree program today!

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