Global Training and Development Degree

An advanced degree in global training and development can provide you with formal training in adult and workplace instruction. Through the use of effective strategies and advanced technology, you can learn how to effectively teach employees in the global workforce.

Global Training and Development Degree

Designed to teach students how to develop educational workshops and seminars for the workplace, a global training and development degree program focuses on how individuals in the field can use technology and effective teaching strategies to successfully teach adults in the global workforce. Courses will also include instruction in the development of human capital, the identification of workforce issues and conflict resolution.

Students can choose from the following courses in fulfilling their degree requirements:

  • Leading the Global Workforce: Paradigms and Possibilities
  • Introduction to Successful Global Training Techniques
  • The Role of Technology in the Global Training Marketplace
  • Evaluation Training Programs
  • Innovation and Change

Preparing to Work in Global Training and Development

Upon graduation, students with a degree in global training and development can set out to lead workplace education and training seminars that incorporate the latest technology and teaching strategies. Armed with a new degree and the practical skills to increase productivity in the workplace, you’ll be a hot commodity in the global workforce.

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