History Degree

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Historians spend their lives in the past, researching, analyzing and interpreting previous events, cultures and people. Jobs for historians are diverse and may be found in an academic setting or through the publishing industry, museums and historical preservation societies.

History Degrees

A bachelor’s degree in history is an excellent stepping stone for an entry-level job or further studies in the field. However, most historians find they need a graduate degree to advance in their careers.

History Fields

  • American History

    American history covers the development of American society, politics, culture and institutions, from the pre-Columbian period all the way to the present. The typical graduate may enter the teaching profession, or he/she may work in research or communications.

  • World History

    The study of world history allows students to look at the impact of events and processes across widely diverse cultures, political systems and geographies. The typical graduate may enter the teaching profession, or work in research or communications.

  • Ancient History

    The birth of civilization, the growth of agriculture and the development of language and cities, the rise and fall of complex societies thousands of years in the past; these are the topics of ancient history. A degree in ancient history can take you into academia, or align with a career involved in research, anthropology or archaeology.

  • Natural History

    Natural historians study historical events and processes as they apply to the earth’s bio-systems, its flora and fauna. Frequently connected to academic institutions or to museums and research facilities, natural historians concern themselves with the success and the extinction of particular species over millions of years.

  • Geographical History

    This is the study of the earth itself through the ages. The evolution of land masses, the broad-based shifts in climate and weather, the impact of atmospheric change; these issues are examined in geologic time (over millions of years). Geographical historians generally work in academia and conduct research with corporations and government institutions.

  • Military History

    The story of human conflict, from ancient times to the present day, provides a unique perspective on the rise and fall, success and failure of civilizations over time. Military historians look at war-related strategies, tactics and personalities as well as their societal underpinnings, informing the broader historical perspective with the changes wrought by conquest and civil war, class conflict and insurgency.

  • History Teacher

    History teachers typically find employment in high schools and colleges. Specialty colleges, such as military academies, also provide job opportunities for history teachers.

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