Military History Degree

This detailed study of history examines the military leaders, strategies, wars and outcomes from ancient to modern times. Some of the specific topics covered in military history include: battles and campaigns; doctrine and training; logistics; the relationship between the military and society; weapons and technology; and military leaders.

Many historians believe that by understanding previous military movements, we can learn from their experiences. Other historians focus on studying the lives of past soldiers and officers to develop a military profile of those involved in military campaigns. Understanding doctrinal and training evolution has also been noted as a purpose of studying military history.

Military leaders, academies and organizations often study military history for the purposes of learning about past tactics and procedures. Leadership examples, both positive and negative, may also be derived from examination of military history. Such examples allow military students to learn from their predecessors.

Historians, educators and military leaders all utilize military history for a greater understanding of our past experiences. Military museums utilize the knowledge of these professionals to share this history with society and to develop educational materials assisting for greater understanding when examining military history.

Military history reflects upon many different aspects of human nature from aggression to leadership to survival. Whether attempting to learn which mistakes to avoid or which methods worked best, the study of military history offers unique insight into past times.

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