Multidisciplinary Studies Degree

Multidisciplinary Studies also allows students who have earned a significant number of hours in a variety of areas to combine their efforts in creating a single bachelor’s degree. Check out this program if you’d like the flexibility to study more than one discipline and combine your gifts to earn a single degree.

Multidisciplinary Studies Degree

Grounded in the liberal arts or sciences, you’ll explore an assortment of topics within this program of study. You’ll investigate the theories and concepts behind two liberal arts disciplines while effectively analyzing and communicating the related knowledge. Problem solving and contrasting the methods of the two disciplines round out this program.

As well as the following courses, you’ll select a number of electives that focus on your chosen disciplines:

  • Introduction to Business
  • Technical Writing
  • Introduction to Public Administration
  • Philosophy of Science and Technology
  • Professional Strategies

Preparing to Work with a Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies

Graduates of multidisciplinary studies program often find employment in business, government or with non-profit organizations. With this degree, you may also become certified as a teacher or utilize the degree for promotion opportunities. Most candidates find the flexibility and customization features of this program appealing. Do these features also appeal to you?

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