Political Scientist Degree

A bachelor’s degree in political science is great for those interested in current events, political structures, even historical political decisions that influence today’s society. The area of study is a good foundation for future government workers, or public servants. Course work will include: American history, world political history, international relations.

Political Science Job Description

With politics becoming more complex on a daily basis, the role of the political scientist is quickly becoming more significant and political science graduates now do more than write academic papers and advise governments and organizations. Today they publish books, appear on the news to comment on current events, and play a crucial role in developing policy.

Political scientists conduct research and evaluate a wide range of topics, such as public opinion, political decision-making, ideology and public policy. They then analyze how these things affect political structures or election results. The output of all this work includes publishing academic reports or public presentations, often singling out new issues for research and analysis.

There are many avenues that a graduate can take after beginning as policy researchers, or analysts. The eventual path a political scientist could take might include:

  • Teaching as a college professor
  • A career in public service or government
  • Consulting as an analyst
  • Becoming a support staffer for a politician
  • Becoming an elected official

Political Science Career Fields

  • Campaign Manager

    Campaign managers work to create a positive public image for their candidates and to generate support before an election.

  • City Clerk

    City clerks perform a variety of administrative tasks for the local government, including drafting documents for meetings, maintaining records, and preparing letters and other correspondence.

  • City Government Workers

    As a career field that covers transportation, public safety, education, health care, utilities and the courts, city government positions vary.

  • City Manager

    City managers are appointed officials who oversee all aspects of a city’s operation. Sound interesting? If so, read on.

  • City Secretary

    City secretaries primarily serve the local government in an administrative and clerical capacity.

  • Lobbyist

    Lobbyists advocate for legislative policies on behalf of their clients, acting as a voice for the opinions and concerns of constituent groups.

  • Political Analyst

    While over half of all political analysts work for the Federal Government, many professional organizations and nonprofit agencies hire them to help raise public awareness of various political and social issues.

  • Political Science Teacher

    Political science teachers instruct students in the theories of political science, international relations, and international affairs.

  • Pollster

    Pollsters develop and conduct surveys to help organize and gather information on the opinions of individuals.

  • Advanced Start Political Science

    Did you know that many lawyers begin their career training with a bachelor’s degree in political science? This field of study is an excellent choice if you want a broad spectrum of expertise that will get your foot in the door of many lucrative careers today.

  • Public Administration and Policy

    Being a part of government is a major responsibility, so if you feel called to participate in public service and the creation of policies within our government, it’s time to get the best training available.

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