Public Administration and Policy Degree

Public administration and policy is a bachelor’s degree program that teaches you about government processes, policies and the law. Discover what the constitution actually says with a comprehensive study of how law and policy has evolved through the years. Learn the tools used to evaluate and create public policy. Dive into the financial challenges of public administration and learn why economics really matter.

Public Administration and Policy Degree

The public administration and policy degree program focuses on the study of the structure and processes involved in government work. The courses are taken from an interdisciplinary point of view and designed to cultivate an understanding of the issues confronting society locally, nationally and internationally.

Courses in public administration and policy include:

  • Macroeconomics
  • Ethics and public administration
  • Public policy analysis
  • Constitutional law
  • Leadership principles

Preparing to Work in Public Administration and Policy

Graduates with a degree in public administration and policy have the skills and abilities to enter any number of jobs that support public service agencies. You could find yourself employed as a coordinator of government relations, contract administrator, legislative assistant, research and policy associate, program administrator, government clerk, court clerk, political party staffer or manager of volunteer services.

If a career serving your community as a civil servant appeals to you, then get the right training in public administration and policy.

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