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If you’re interested in advancing your career with high-tech skills, earning an online computer science degree could be for you. As technology continues to move forward at an ever-increasing pace, people trained to create, build and upgrade the devices, software and systems that form the core of our high-tech society remain in high demand. Earning a degree in computer science can help you get the professional advantage.

Many high-tech occupations require as little training as an online certificate, but overall, the field of technology favors individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems or some other branch of technology. Whether you work full time or experience challenges with a busy lifestyle, earning an online degree in computer science can help you accelerate your career.

Computer Science Fields

Overall demand for high-tech professionals is expected to grow at least as fast as the rest of the economy, and certain key labor categories and skill sets will be in great demand. Some of the most popular technology careers include:

  • Computer Engineering

    Computer engineering is a wide-ranging discipline that applies math and electrical engineering to the design and operation of computers, microprocessors, computer systems and embedded systems.

  • Computer Networking

    Network administrators and engineers oversee the interconnection of high-tech equipment, enabling numerous software applications and technological devices to communicate with one another in a seamless fashion.

  • Computer Programming

    Computer programmers write the code that directs computers to perform a specific activity. This field, along with system design, is expected to provide the most job prospects for programmers over the next decade.

  • Computer Science

    Computer science is an umbrella term that covers a variety of functions of theory or practice and hardware or software. The computer scientist might design software, create efficient algorithms or invent new ways of using technology.

  • Database

    Database administrators are tasked with managing a body of information stored electronically. This can include designing databases, recovering data, instituting security procedures and managing storage devices.

  • Graphics & Multimedia

    Positions in this field bridge the gulf between technology and art. Computers can be applied to the realm of media, aiding in the design or creation of numerous forms of imagery whether photographic, video or graphic design.

  • Information Systems (IS)

    The concentration of this discipline is on information rather than technology. IS managers and professionals define requirements for the information systems of large and small institutions.

  • Information Technology (IT)

    The focus of this discipline is more on technology than on information. IT professionals are the hands-on support staff who install, connect, maintain, service and upgrade computer software, systems, equipment and infrastructure.

  • Internet Professionals

    Work in the Internet field is wide and varied. It can include training others on how to use the Internet, search engine optimization (SEO), designing and maintaining websites, online marketing, selling Internet advertising and more.

  • Technology Management

    Technology management covers a wide range of occupations, including IT management, IS management and more business-oriented management positions, which require a deep knowledge of technology.

  • Telecommunications

    Occupations in telecommunications can emphasize hardware, software or both, and can range from developing, managing and upgrading information networks to installing, testing and repairing equipment.

  • Web Design

    Web designers combine art, images, design, business sense and computer science to create visually appealing, user-friendly websites.

  • Web Development

    Professionals in the field of Web development create, test and maintain website applications, such as online shopping carts, search tools and secure online password systems.

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