Computer Engineering Degree

Computer engineers combine elements of both hardware and software engineering with traditional computer science, including everything from the design, development and testing of computer hardware to the creation of interfaces and operating systems on the software side. If that sounds like an exciting option, earning an online degree in computer science can help accelerate your career.

Computer Engineering Degrees

Professionals in this field apply scientific theory and engineering design to make sure that programs (software) run correctly on equipment (hardware). The first step toward advancing your career with these skills can begin at home with an online degree in computer science.

Nearly all computer engineering career opportunities at the entry level and higher require at least a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. In addition, computer engineers can benefit from ongoing education and training to keep pace with continuous technological advances.

Computer Engineering Jobs

Computer engineering is one of the fastest growing occupations in the United States and is expected to grow faster than average through the year 2012. Companies are looking for software engineers who can develop Internet programs, process data and build mobile applications and security software. Earning an online degree in computer engineering can help prepare you for some of these positions.

  • Computer Hardware Engineer

    Hardware engineers are often involved in the development of computer hardware, such as computer chips. At other times, hardware engineers work with clients to put together a system that meets their needs.

  • Computer Software Engineer

    Software engineers develop computer software systems from research and design to testing. Software engineers need a solid background in programming, although they may often spend more time analyzing and solving programming problems than doing the actual programming.

  • Applied Computer Science

    This degree would be the perfect fit for an analytical thinker who enjoys working with technology. Could that be you?

  • Computer Engineering Technology

    You are a techie at heart, spending your free time mastering the latest video game or designing websites for friends and family members. Sound familiar? If so, take your passion for computers and strong analytical skills to the next level with a degree that can launch you onto a career path you’re sure to love.

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