Computer Graphics Specialist

Web design combines art, images, business sense and computer science to create visually appealing, user-friendly websites. Web design professionals need to be skilled both artistically and technically, but also, they must feel comfortable using a number of programming tools and languages, including HTML, XML, Flash and Java.

If you have the skills needed to succeed in website design, take the first step toward a successful career with an online degree in Web design.

Becoming a Web designer means intuitively knowing what works in site design to ensure an excellent user experience. Though higher education doesn’t always create artisitic ability, skilled artists can quickly advance with a degree.

Most careers in Web design require either a bachelor’s degree in Web design or a certification in graphic arts (or similar field). Additional courses in design, typography and photography are always a plus in adding to an artist’s repertoire.

Web Design Jobs

While Web design generally refers to the design and layout of websites and pages, professionals with titles other than Web Designer may spill over into the field of Web design. Below are a few of the most common jobs an online degree in Web design can prepare you for.

  • Computer Graphics Specialist

    Computer graphics specialists use computer software and tools to create and manipulate electronic images. Through the use of computer-aided design (CAD) systems, they may create anything from animated cartoons to models of cars.

  • Multimedia Specialist

    Multimedia specialists write, test and implement code for Internet applications, computer games, film, video, computer-based training software and other interactive media.

  • Web Designer

    Web designers use images, typography, animation and other devices to create the layout and visual appeal of Web pages. They often work with marketing departments to create sites that are both appealing and useful for users.

  • Web Design and Multimedia

    Do you enjoy setting up and running websites? Are interactive games a passion for you? Do you already spend much of your time perfecting your short animation clips? Then you’ll probably love a career as a Web and multimedia designer.

  • Web Design and Interactive Media

    Do your friends and family constantly come and ask for your help in setting up a website or designing birthday party invitations? Do you already spend much of your time at the computer making your blog and various other websites into eye-catching spectacles? If so, you’ll probably love a career as a Web and interactive designer.

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