Computer Information Systems Degree

Do you intuitively feel your way around computer programs with ease? If so, consider taking your skills to the next level with a computer information systems degree. Learn more about computer programming and information technology while becoming an even more qualified job candidate.

Computer Information Systems Degree

Computer information systems degree students focus on practical skills necessary to succeed in this field. Learn about operating systems, computer programming languages (Java, C++ and HTML), networking and more. You already have the interest and some aptitude in this area, but now you need proper training to go with it.

Here are some classes in a computer information systems degree program:

  • Operating Systems
  • Programming Concepts
  • Database Programming
  • HTML Coding
  • Systems Analysis and Design

Preparing to Work in Computer Information Systems

Earning a computer information systems degree prepares you for entry-level work as a computer programmer and other similar positions in the information technology industry. It could also help you advance in your current position with an enhanced knowledge of system design and analysis. Learn the latest in computer information systems and add an impressive credential to your resume as well.

If you’re ready to combine your passion for computer programming with the right education, now is the perfect time to get started.

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