Computer Programming Degree

The average computer user interacts with software every day, seeing only a user interface and the program’s core functions. However, the programming behind these user-friendly interfaces and applications is complex, involving the expertise of computer programmers. If you have what it takes to work in computer programming, accelerate your career with an online degree in computer science.

Computer Programming Degrees

Computer programmers write the source code that enables the software to function. This demands extensive expertise, knowledge of domains and algorithms, and analytical skills as even simple programs can contain hundreds — even thousands — lines of code. Earning an online degree in computer programming can help prepare you for this career field.

Most computer programmers hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer programming or related disciplines. Curricula for computer programmers varies depending on the specializations sought; however, a typical training program covers basic computer operating skills, programming languages such as C++ or Java, database programming such as Oracle, DB2 or Sybase.

Computer Programming Jobs

Day-to-day computer programming duties involve writing, testing and maintaining the instructions that computers use to carry out their functions. Working in conjunction with other professionals such as computer software engineers, the computer programmer examines the program’s design specifications and writes the code in a language the computer can understand. Think of the computer software engineer as the architect who comes up with the conceptual design and the computer programmer as the builder who works off of the blueprint and constructs the final product.

Computer programmers are also involved in repairing, updating and enhancing existing programs. Whether the programmer is working on a new program or an existing one, testing and debugging the software to ensure that the program is error-free is a key job role.

Computer Programming Salary

The computer programming field is becoming increasingly competitive as the development of user-friendly programming languages and the outsourcing of computer programming jobs overseas continue.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2006, computer programmers earned an average salary of $65,510 with those on the higher end of the salary range earning in excess of $106,000.

Computer Programming Fields

  • Computer Programmer

    Computer programmers write, update and modify programs. They translate design details in one of various computer languages that allow the computer to operate the program properly.

  • Introduction to Computer Programming Language

    Are you a techie at heart? Do you dream of spending your days speaking another language – computer language, to be exact? If your answer is “yes,” we have a certificate program you just might love.

  • Java Programmer

    A Java programmer performs a variety of Java software development tasks including gathering requirements, analyzing data, quality assurance testing and designing databases. This specific type of programmer utilizes Java programming language to create various applications for use on the Web.

  • PHP Developer

    A PHP developer is a computer programmer specializing in writing and coding PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), a widely used scripting language initially made for creating dynamic Web content. The main objective of a PHP developer is to produce online material with a variety of interactive functions.

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