Computer Security Management

Computer security has become a very important issue for companies and individuals who are worried about the explosion in computer crime. “Hackers” are people who break into secure computer systems and try to steal information, especially financial data that they can use to exploit bank accounts or other securities. The security of computer systems is very important, and computer security managers make sure that computer systems are as invulnerable to hacking as possible.

What Do Computer Security Managers Do?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, information security managers protect an organization’s computer systems by:

  • Conducting research to learn about the latest in security trends
  • Monitor computer systems for violations and investigate any incidents of security breach
  • Design and implement security standards to protect an organization’s computer systems
  • Disseminate information to employees about security expectations
  • Use software to protect computer systems
  • Make recommendations to management and other IT personnel about security measures

What Do Information Security Managers Earn?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the median income for an information security manager was $75,660 in May 2010. However, a survey by Robert Half Technology set the salary for data security analysts at between $89,000 and $121,500 in 2012, and for network security administrators at between $85,000 and $117,750.

One reason these numbers are so variable is that different companies have different security needs and some are more crucial than others. A bank, for example, will need very tight security to protect customer’s banking information, while a small company might only need to prevent casual hacking. The bank will probably be willing to pay a security administrator much more and may even have a department devoted to this issue, while a small company may hire a freelance security expert on a part-time basis.

What Is The Job Outlook for Information Security Managers?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a job growth rate of 22 percent for computer security managers over the next ten years. This high job growth rate is due to the growing need for companies to secure their computer systems against cyberattacks. This is not only a financial issue but also one of company security. Hackers who break into a company’s system may be able to lift Social Security numbers or other personal information about employees as well as financial information. Therefore, the importance of computer security increase as technology advances.

How Do I Become a Computer Security Manager?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer security managers have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences; some have master’s degrees. Many schools now offer specific bachelor’s of science degrees in computer security. Some computer security officers have a master’s of business administration with a concentration in security of systems, as well.

For a person who is interested in computers and fields like management or law enforcement, a computer security manager might be a great career path. This field combines the excitement of outwitting computer hackers with a sound knowledge base of how computer systems work.

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