CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Chief technology officers (CTOs) are top executives who manage both the influx of technology into an organization as well as the information technology (IT) professionals who work under them. Their main responsibility is to plan for the installation, maintenance and security of their organization’s hardware and software, networks (both internal and external), and websites.

CTOs analyze the computing needs of an organization from a strategic viewpoint and always with both the short- and long-term business goals in mind. Apart from managing the work of their people, chief technology officers also need to stay on top of the latest technologies available in order to ensure that the organization remains competitive and financially stable.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science with a minor in management information systems is an excellent qualification for entry-level positions in IT and a virtual requirement for any promotion into an IT management position.

Chief Technology Officer Job Description

Becoming a chief technology officer means directing both the influx of technological resources as well as human resources within the information technology department. Daily tasks may include:

  • Evaluating the latest technologies and determining how these can help their company
  • Creating an implementation strategy for new technology
  • Tracking how much the technology costs as well as how much it could benefit the company
  • Developing technical standards that the organization needs to live by
  • Deploying technology across the workforce
  • Supervising workers who solve the daily IT problems of the organization.
  • When a useful new tool has been identified, the CTO determines one or more possible implementation strategies, including cost-benefit and return on investment analyses, and presents those strategies to top management, such as the chief information officer (CIO).

Chief Technology Officer Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, median annual salaries for chief technology officers averaged at $113,720 with the top 10% earning up to and beyond $166,400. Job prospects for degree holders in technology management are excellent with this profession expected to grow faster than average. In fact, this profession is projected to increase 16% by 2016.

Most industries currently use technology and continuously upgrade their systems to keep pace with technological advancements. Because of this continued growth, CTOs who understand advanced technology with an eye toward its commercial applications continue to be in demand. Are you ready to fill the need?

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