Database Degree Programs

Do you have what it takes to work with databases? If so, earning an online degree in database administration or computer science can help you get started on the path to higher earnings and career satisfaction.

A database administrator’s job involves creating databases, integrating data from external sources, managing performance, troubleshooting errors, setting up users and permissions and enforcing security. Because of the importance of data integrity and the growing concerns surrounding privacy, database administrators must protect databases from intruders and plan for business continuity should the data become compromised.

The proper education path starts with at least an associate degree in computer science, information technology or management information systems (MIS). However, many employers prefer at least a bachelor’s or master’s degree, depending on the size of the organization and the complexity of the database tasks. In addition to obtaining a formal college degree, earning a technical certification in a specific database technology such as Oracle or SQL Server is a plus.

Database administrators should also be fluent in database products and concepts, common personal computer programs, computer systems and protocols. Traditional colleges and online universities can help you build these skills.

Database Jobs

Database administrators are involved designing the database, designing and implementing security measures, maintaining the integrity and accessibility of stored information, identifying and resolving user problems, integrating data, and performing routine maintenance. The database administrator is also responsible for fine-tuning and managing database performance.

Increasingly, ensuring the database’s security and data integrity have become critical responsibilities. Business continuity planning, security policies, privacy protections, and disaster recovery are important tasks that must not be overlooked by database professionals.

Database Fields

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