Digital Systems Security

Qualifying for an advanced degree program in digital systems security requires a master’s degree in computer science or another related field. Do you have what it takes?

Digital Systems Security Degree

Within this program, students learn to identify security issues, conduct research to tackle the problem and utilize that research to increase overall knowledge. Course studies include forecasting future security problems and examining ways to solve them as related to digital systems. The ability to communicate research findings and prepare them for publication, in either journals or a dissertation, is required for successful completion.

Specific courses in this program can include:

  • Applications Security
  • Communications Security and Countermeasures
  • Software Architecture and Design
  • Project Management and Process Engineering
  • Futuring and Innovation

Preparing to Work in Digital Systems Security

The combination of technology coursework, written communication, research skills and practical applications prepare candidates for managerial-level positions in digital systems security. Programs may also require residency that exposes the candidate to employers seeking professionals in this field.

The growing number of technology-dependent industries makes advanced degrees combining computer digital systems and security more valuable than ever.

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