Enterprise Information Management

Do you have a knack for computer systems and databases? If so, consider enhancing your talents with a degree program in enterprise information management. Deepen your knowledge, make yourself a more qualified job candidate and even work on your own side projects.

Enterprise Information Management Degree

In addition to general study requirements, enterprise information management students build a solid foundation in the understanding of database systems. From there learn how to apply this knowledge in business situations through classes in business concepts and project management. You already have the interest in this area, and now you can enhance it with the proper training.

Here are some of the classes included in an enterprise information management degree:

  • Introduction to Enterprise Data Governance
  • Data Stewardship Training
  • Data Governance Strategies
  • Data Modeling for Managers and Executives
  • Fundamentals of Enterprise Information Management

Preparing to Work in Enterprise Information Management

Earning a degree in enterprise information management prepares you for careers such as data security administrator, database engineer and many other IT management jobs. It can also help take your current position to the next level with an advanced knowledge of leadership as well as database design, analysis, implementation and optimization. Hone your skills while giving an impressive boost to your resume.

Are you ready to help more businesses and organizations move into the cloud? If so, now is the perfect time to begin.

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