Game Development

Video game development is technically a specific form of computer software development accomplished by computer software programmers and engineers — people who take all the raw elements from graphic designers and sound designers and use programming and computer code to put them all together in a game environment for the final end-user.

Game development work typically requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science with an emphasis on programming, mathematics or physics. While a bachelor’s degree is usually required, there are some entry-level jobs available for those who have earned an associate degree.

Game Development Job Description

Game development is taken on by a developer – whether this is an individual or an entire company of developers. They may specialize in a specific game platform such as those for video game consoles, desktop computers or mobile handhelds.

The everyday work life and job duties of someone working in game development could include:

  • Writing, modifying, integrating and testing software code for game applications
  • Creating the game’s base engine, including simulated physics within the game
  • Developing and modifying 3D renderers for the graphics engine
  • Building the logic of a game or its artificial intelligence
  • Enhancing the game play by adjusting strategy and the mechanics of the game until it achieves a better user experience

If you’re creative and analytical, a career developing interactive games for Web, DVDs, gaming consoles, computer-based training courseware and Internet-based applications may be the perfect fit.

Game Development Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, video game developers earn an annual median salary of $87,480, while the top 10% earn up to $132,080.

Employment within this industry is expected to increase by 32% from 2008-2018, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.

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