Game Production

Game production is done by people with various job titles and responsibilities, working together to create entertaining user experiences. First there are the video game graphic designers and graphic artists who design the look and feel of everything you see in cool video games, from character design to backgrounds to special effects. Then there are the sound designers who fashion sound and music to fit the games. Computer programmers add to the mix by taking all the raw elements and putting them together in a seamless environment.

Game production work typically requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science with an emphasis on programming or graphic design, depending on your area of interest. While a bachelor’s degree is usually required, there are some entry-level jobs available for those who have earned an associate degree.

Game Production Job Description

Game production work often varies by project. For example, one project may involve working with clients to produce a fun, computer-based training game, while another project might focus on simply creating Flash animation games for websites.

The everyday work life and job duties of someone working in game production could include:

  • Designing and animating special effects
  • Writing, modifying, integrating and testing software code for game applications
  • Creating interactive content for games, websites and other applications
  • Developing specifications
  • Working with clients on interactive game projects
  • Identifying and communicating technical problems and solutions

If you’re creative and analytical, a career developing interactive content for the Web, DVDs, gaming consoles, computer-based training courseware and Internet-based applications may be the perfect fit. Depending on your area of expertise, the job may be more programming-oriented than graphics-related or vice versa. Sometimes teams of media designers work together to develop and produce multimedia projects.

Game Production Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of the median annual salaries in the video game industry are the following:

  • Video game programmers earn an annual median salary of $87,480, while the top 10% earn up to $132,080.
  • Graphic designers could earn an annual salary of up to $76,450.
  • Sound designers could earn an annual salary of up to $94,270.

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