Game Software Development

A diploma in game software development can provide you with the necessary background in software engineering so that you can spend hours bringing your creative ideas to life. Not only can you build your resume, but you can get paid to create the fantasy world that someone else will love to join.

Game Software Development Degree

Study the fundamentals of software engineering while focusing on game and interactive aspects of software development. The curriculum strives to develop critical thinking, logic, communication and problem-solving skills in students by presenting them with real-life challenges they may face in the workplace. In addition, courses offer instruction in industry standard testing techniques, game software maintenance, software configuration management and the lifecycle of the software development process.

Individuals in the program may choose from classes similar to the following:

  • Algorithm Analysis and Design
  • Artificial Intelligence for Games
  • Game Project Management
  • Game Engine Scripting & Tools
  • Game Analysis and Playability
  • Game Software Testing & Debugging

Preparing to Work in Game Software Development

Graduates of an accredited game software development degree program prepare for entry-level jobs in application development, game software programming, product software development or game quality assurance. If you’re already established in the software engineering field, your new degree can help you make the exciting leap to the gaming industry.

Rack up points with your new credentials, and embrace your new identity as a tried-and-true gamer. It’s no secret-you’re legit!

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