Graphics & Multimedia Degree

Artists in the field of graphics and multimedia use computer software to generate, integrate and alter visual elements such as photographs, drawings, typography and symbols. Graphic design is sometimes called “visual communication,” as it is used to convey a message to an audience.

Graphics and Multimedia Degrees

Do you have what it takes to work in a creative field? Earning an online degree in graphics and multimedia can help you follow your passions for a successful and rewarding career.

Careers in graphics and multimedia allow individuals to balance their creative side with their skills in technology. If you are creative, computer savvy and detail-oriented, take the first step to accelerating your career with an online degree in graphics.

Individuals who already possess a bachelor’s degree in another field can complete a two- or four-year degree program to learn the necessary technical and computer skills. It is recommended that graphic designers take classes regularly to keep up with the latest technology.

Graphics & Multimedia Jobs

The field of graphic design is expected to offer many career opportunities throughout the next decade, but competition will be strong. Individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree and who possess experience in Web design, animation and interactive media (such as video games and personal digital assistants) will have the most opportunity. Nearly one-third of those working in the field of graphics and multimedia are self-employed.

  • Graphic Designer

    Graphic designers create the layout and design for various multimedia formats, including advertisements, newspapers, websites and film. Some may help to brand a corporation’s identity by designing logos and color schemes.

  • Interactive Media Developer

    Interactive media developers write, integrate and test code for interactive media applications, including Web applications, computer games, film and training software.

  • Multimedia Specialist

    As media evolves, opportunities for multimedia specialists — those who enjoy working with graphics and technology — abound.

  • Web Designer

    Web designers apply both technical and graphical skills to the design of websites in an attempt to create an easy, meaningful and productive experience for website users.

  • Game Production

    Game production is the field of work that creates interactive game media and computer games for others to play. This industry is an exciting, emerging field for those capable of blending art with science.

  • Game Development

    Game development is the field of work that creates interactive game media and computer games that others play. This industry is an exciting, emerging field for those capable of blending art with science.

  • Game Design

    Game design is the creation of the content, rules and structure within a game including storyline, characters, game play and the story environment. All these ideas are captured and promulgated to the development team through a very detailed design document that outlines the game’s mission, plot, rules, art samples and game play.

  • CAD Programs

    You love working with technology and computers. You have a strong desire to design structures, buildings and other spaces. If this describes you, learning more about CAD programs could help take your career to the next level.

  • Computer Animation

    Do your favorite childhood cartoons hold the same fascination for you as they did 20 years ago? Is your favorite part of Disney World touring Hollywood Studios? If so, consider pursuing what many would consider a dream job by enrolling in a computer animation degree program.

  • Game Software Development

    You could spend hours playing games like World of Warcraft with your virtual friends, and you aren’t embarrassed to admit it. Your friends affectionately refer to you as a “gamer,” and although you’re reluctant to admit it, you secretly love it. Did you know there’s an entire field out there dedicated to developing those games you love so much?

  • Emerging Media

    You’re the first to know about anything new in the technology world, and you were on Facebook long before it was a household name. Although you’re a pioneer when it comes to new forms of media, you have more to learn about using it in the business world. If you’re currently a manager or executive looking for a way to put your company one step ahead of the competition, consider taking your management experience to new heights with a degree in emerging media.

  • Web Design and Multimedia

    Do you enjoy setting up and running websites? Are interactive games a passion for you? Do you already spend much of your time perfecting your short animation clips? Then you’ll probably love a career as a Web and multimedia designer.

  • Web Design and Interactive Media

    Do your friends and family constantly come and ask for your help in setting up a website or designing birthday party invitations? Do you already spend much of your time at the computer making your blog and various other websites into eye-catching spectacles? If so, you’ll probably love a career as a Web and interactive designer.

  • Visual & Game Programming

    If you spend a lot of time on the computer creating digital art masterpieces and also enjoy playing video games, we have a degree program you just might love.

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