Information Systems (IS) Degree

The field of information systems refers to the storage, accessibility and organization of computerized data. Companies amass enormous amounts of data, including e-mail, personnel records and financial statements, all of which must be stored and shared over a large network.

Information Systems (IS) Degrees

If you want to accelerate your career, earning an online Information Systems degree can be your first step toward success.

Individuals working in the field of information systems generally fall into one of two occupations: systems analysts or information systems managers. Systems analysts are usually required to obtain at least a bachelor’s degree in information systems, computer science, business or a similar subject.

Both systems analysts and information systems managers can benefit from certification in specific data management platforms, including Microsoft, MySQL, Oracle, and Cisco. Most of these companies offer certification through training and exams.

Information Systems Jobs

As corporations install more networks and set up complex Internet sites, they need an ever-increasing number of trained professionals who can keep these networks running smoothly and securely. Below are a few of the most popular professional careers in information systems.

  • Computer Systems Analyst

    Systems analysts ensure that computer equipment and software meet the needs of a company. They solve computer problems, design information systems, test and maintain programs, and modify systems to improve workflow.

  • Information Security Systems Manager

    In the field of security, systems managers oversee systems analysts, programmers, support specialists and other workers within their department.

  • Information Systems Manager

    Information systems managers plan, facilitate and manage computer-related activity within a company or organization. They must analyze their company’s computer needs and determine what equipment will meet those needs.

  • Digital Systems Security

    Are you interested in taking your knowledge of digital systems security up a notch? If so, this doctoral degree program focuses on the implementation, evaluation and analysis of digital systems emphasizing security. A combination of theoretical, research and application methods help to create this comprehensive program.

  • Decision Support System Management

    Professionals seeking advancement within the information and support systems field could find this Master of Science program useful. This degree falls under the umbrella of Information Systems with an emphasis on Decision Support System Management. Students combine skills in information technology with decision support management coursework for a more specified degree.

  • Computer Security Management

    With technological advancements occurring daily, companies and other organizations require specialists who assist them in keeping their computer systems secure. Computer Security Management offers students the opportunity to explore both theoretical and practical measures for providing security in the computing environment.

  • Computer Information Systems

    Working all day at a computer is your idea of fun. You love tinkering with computer systems and languages and would love to enhance your skills. If this sounds like you, computer information systems could be right up your alley

  • Enterprise Information Systems

    Your friends and family have your number on speed dial for when they encounter computer problems, and learning new programs is one of your favorite hobbies. If this sounds like you, enterprise information systems could be the perfect field of study.

  • Information Systems and Technology

    Your idea of a great day at the office: technical challenges. After all, solving problems is one of your passions. Does this sound like you? If it does, we’ve found an area of study you just might love.

  • Systems Consultants Degree

    Systems consultants provide technical and management expertise on computer and information technology systems.

  • Test Engineering

    Test engineering professionals typically assist engineers and scientists with product and manufacturing research and development. Commonly known as engineering technicians, these professionals may collect data and perform tests on various designs or processes.

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