Interactive Media Developer

Ever wonder who is responsible for all of those cool Internet applications, games and special effects that splash across your screen? Well, an interactive media developer, of course. This profession is an exciting, emerging field for those capable of blending art with science.

If you’re creative and analytical, a career developing interactive content for the Web, DVDs, gaming consoles, computer-based training courseware and Internet-based applications may be the perfect fit. Depending on the interactive media developer’s area of expertise, the job may be more programs oriented than graphics related or vice versa. Sometimes teams of media designers work together to develop and produce multimedia projects.

Interactive Media Developer Degrees

The interactive media developer is an emerging occupation requiring a background in computer science with an emphasis on programming. A bachelor’s degree is usually required, though some entry-level jobs are available for those who have earned an associate degree. In addition, many graphic designers have moved toward interactive media development, putting their creative skills to work.

Interactive Media Developer Job Description

An interactive media developer’s job often varies by project. For example, one project may involve working with clients to produce a computer-based training course while another project focuses on creating animations and Flash movies for a website.

The everyday work life and job duties of an interactive media developer include:

  • Program special effects for video or film projects
  • Write, modify, integrate and test software code for Internet applications, e-commerce and software
  • Create interactive content for games, websites and other applications
  • Develop specifications
  • Work with clients on interactive projects
  • Identify and communicate technical problems and solutions

Interactive Media Developer Salary

As an emerging profession, salary data has yet to be compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, industry surveys point toward impressive salary ranges. For example, in April 2008, Reuters reported that Game Developer Magazine calculated an average 2007 game industry salary of $73,600 per year.

The survey reveals the following:

  • Game programmers averaged annual salaries of $83,383
  • Game animators and artists averaged annual salaries of $66,594
  • Game designers averaged annual salaries of $63,649
  • Producers averaged $78,716 per year
  • Quality assurance testers averaged $39,063 per year
  • Sound designers averaged annual salaries of $73,409

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