Internet Consultant

Do you enjoy sharing your technical expertise with others? If so, a career as an Internet consultant allows you to help clients optimize their Internet presence with services ranging like Web design, search engine optimization, e-commerce and business to business initiatives. Internet consulting firms provide the tools and expertise that organizations lack and work alongside their clients to provide the necessary services they require.

Becoming an Internet consultant involves an in-depth understanding of current Internet technologies. Because you will be advising others, your technical knowledge must be focused, relevant, and current. A technology degree provides you with a solid foundation in technology while continuing education throughout your career will keep your skills current. Where you should you start your Internet consulting career? Get your I.T. degree online and position yourself for success!

Internet Consultant Degrees

While you’ll be hard pressed to find a degree program focused on Internet consulting, obtaining a bachelor’s degree focused on a related technology is an excellent choice as most consulting firms require at least a four year degree. Organizations need skilled Internet consultants who are knowledgeable in Web development, security, IP telephony, e-commerce and business to business initiatives.

Earning an online degree in I.T. with a focus on Internet technologies highlights your area of expertise and prepares you for a consulting career. Expect to continue your education through on the job training, certification training and additional coursework to stay on top of technology.

Internet Consultant Job Description

Most Internet consultants work for consulting firms assisting clients with Internet-related technologies. Consultants often work exclusively with a single client until the project has been successfully completed which may involve travel or time spent away from the home base. Work is often performed at the client’s jobsite though many consultants now take advantage of remote technologies to conduct some of the work remotely. For example, the initial consultation may take place in person while follow up work is done elsewhere and shared and discussed online.

In addition to technical expertise, Internet consultants must also have:

  • Excellent communications skills
  • A strong work ethic
  • Time management skills

Internet consultants work regular work weeks, though long hours and occasional weekend work is often necessary, especially as deadlines loom or when working at a client’s jobsite. The job has its pressures including managing deadlines, projects, and time.

Internet Consultant Salary

Consulting in general is one of the fastest growing and best paying occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor’s Occupational Handbook. Salaries vary depending on experience and expertise with recent surveys revealing average salaries of $46,010 for junior consultants, $58,240 for consultants, $80,500 for senior consultants, and $82,618 for principal consultants.

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