IT Pathway Certificate

Launch your career or take your current job to the next level with an IT Certificate. This relatively short course of study prepares you for a career working with technology on many different levels, helping individuals and companies find the technology systems that work best for them. Whether you choose to work at a help desk or as a computer operator, you could spend your days tinkering with the machines you love best.

IT Certificate

One of the best features of certificate programs is that you move right into the meat of your study, without wasting time or brain power on unnecessary and irrelevant coursework. You dive right into learning about how to design websites and set up technology infrastructure. Working with computers takes natural ability, but it also requires the right training to launch a successful career in the industry.

Some of the courses you can look forward to with your IT Certificate include:

  • Introduction to Website Development
  • Foundations in Information Technology
  • Networking Concepts
  • Database Concepts using Microsoft Access
  • Technology Infrastructure

Preparing to Work with an IT Certificate

Earning your IT Certificate could launch your career in information technology and systems, setting up infrastructure for clients, manning a help desk or designing websites. Ramp up your resume with additional training that could also take your current career to the next level. Technology is constantly evolving and the right training can help you stay current in your knowledge of the systems you want to work with every day.

Computers are at the core of many successful businesses today, and you have the potential to help those companies succeed with the right technology for their needs. Now is the time to launch your IT career or take your current position to the next level!

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