Systems Consultants Degree

Systems consultants provide technical and management expertise on computer and information technology systems. These professionals may design specialized software or IT systems for businesses or organizations. They may also advise clients on developing or maintaining computer facilities or technology departments.

Systems consultants typically work as contractors on an as-needed basis. They may assist with a number of specific IT or computer system projects, including:

  • Software implementation or integration
  • Network or website security
  • Data or information recovery
  • Hardware or software purchases
  • Data center or help desk management

Systems consultants should have advanced knowledge of various computer/IT systems and related software and hardware. Strong analytical skills and technology expertise are keys to succeeding in this field. In addition, systems consultants may be required to travel, work independently or collaborate with different groups or individuals.

Degrees for Systems Consultants*

Most systems consultants combine specialized training with a degree from an accredited online or on-site institution. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in mathematics, information systems, computer science or a related field may offer a solid foundation for a career in systems consulting.

Depending on their desired field, systems consultants may also benefit from certification or training in programming languages, computer networks or other specialized areas. An employer may also require these professionals to learn specific tools or technologies related to an individual project.

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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