Technology Services Management Degree

You’re already technically savvy, but now it’s time to move into management. You enjoy working with technology but want to take your career further with a better understanding of fundamental business processes. If this sounds like you, we’ve found an area of study that could be the perfect match.

Do you have a blend of technical and business talents? If so, consider fine tuning them with a degree program in technology services management. Not only can you put your technical skills to good use, you can learn the business administration concepts required for managing technology.

Technology Services Management Degree

Beginning with fundamental business and general studies coursework, students build a foundation important to business and technical services administrators – accounting, marketing and communications. From there, it all comes together with courses focused on technology, leadership, quality and management topics. Preparing for a technology services management career requires business sense and technology skills, but it also requires the right type of training.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the courses included in a technology services management degree program:

  • Workplace Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technical Services Management
  • Collaboration Technology Systems
  • Business Communication Contexts

Preparing to Work in Technology Services Management

Earning a degree in technology services management prepares you for a management career focused on technology services in industries of all types. It can also take your current technical career to new heights with your business administration and management skills. Acquire important business and technology management skills and explore complex topics like leadership and quality control, all while giving your professional resume an impressive credibility boost.

Remember, as wonderful as new technologies may be, the technologies and the people charged with using them must be managed. Why not you?

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