Visual & Game Programming Degree

Visual and game programming is a bachelor’s degree program that combines the best elements of art and computer science to teach students how to bring life to their ideas for 3-D games, Web art, animated films or motion graphics. Learn the entire production process, including idea creation, visual design and all the programming know-how involved in animation for games or films.

Visual & Game Programming Degree

Visual and game programming is an intense hands-on program that combines artistic skills with the technical skills needed to create animation for games and multimedia. In fact, the curriculum is designed by industry experts from some of the top video game companies and multimedia design institutions in the country.

Visual and game programming courses include:

  • Foundations in art and design
  • Programming for 3-D animation
  • Motion capture
  • Programming and scripting in Perl, C++, C-shell, MEL scripting, MAXScript, DirectX and OpenGL
  • Portfolio and demo reel creation

Preparing to Work in Visual & Game Programming

Graduates from the visual and game programming degree program emerge with the skills to pursue entry-level positions as technical artists, technical developers, assistant technical directors, 3-D tools programmers, artist wizards, data wranglers, rendering wranglers or junior technical cinematic artists.

If you’re passionate about games and have an eye for art, why not combine your passions into a career that’s both fun and dynamic? Get more information today.

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