Web Design and Interactive Media

Web design and interactive media isn’t just about pretty graphics – although that is admittedly a big part. It’s also about solving communication problems using rich media and the Internet. Learn the technical and design skills that will allow you to create relevant digital experiences for users of websites, mobile devices or rich media product. And join a multitude of technology companies aiming to enter the interactive content space with the games, graphics and Web experiences that you create.

Web Design and Interactive Media Degree

The Web design and interactive media program will give you a good combination of hands-on skills in multimedia as well as timeless theory and principles that will drive your output. Classes immerse you in every interactive medium that’s being used in the industry right now. Courses include:

  • Fundamentals of design
  • Screen design and graphics
  • Digital image manipulation
  • Typography
  • Website development
  • Interactive authoring

Preparing to Work in Web Design and Interactive Media

As a web design and interactive media graduate, you will emerge ready to take on one of many positions such as multimedia producer, web developer, web designer, mobile app developer, or media producer. Go and work at cool places like web development companies, design agencies, advertising and marketing agencies, interactive media companies, game studios, production companies, and more.

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