Web Development Degree

Professionals in the field of Web development create, test and maintain website applications, such as online shopping carts, search tools and secure online password systems. Becoming a Web developer means working with programming tools and languages such as HTML, XML, Flash and Java on a daily basis.

Web Development Degrees

If you have the skills to succeed in website development, earning an online degree in Web development can help accelerate your career, keeping you ahead of competition.

With the continued success of websites and online media, professionals trained in Web development will remain in high demand. Most jobs in the field of Web development require at least an associate or bachelor’s degree in Web design, computer science, computer engineering or business. But prospective employers not only look for education but experience as well. In addition, certification in scripting languages such as Java and SQL may be beneficial.

Web Development Jobs

Web development professionals go by a number of different titles, including Web Developer, Webmaster and Web application developer to name a few.

  • Web Developer

    Developers design, build, test and maintain websites and Web-based programs for both traditional PC use and wireless access. They may implement various security measures, including digital signatures, firewalls or virtual private networks.

  • PHP Developer

    A PHP developer is a computer programmer specializing in writing and coding PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), a widely used scripting language initially made for creating dynamic Web content. The main objective of a PHP developer is to produce online material with a variety of interactive functions.

  • Webmaster

    Simply put, webmasters manage all aspects of a web site and its contents. The most important tasks of the webmaster are ensuring the functionality of a site once it is constructed, and making changes to the site as required or requested.

  • Java Programmer

    A Java programmer performs a variety of Java software development tasks including gathering requirements, analyzing data, quality assurance testing and designing databases. This specific type of programmer utilizes Java programming language to create various applications for use on the Web.

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