Healthcare Degree Articles and Advice

Healthcare needs expand every year, requiring a steady flow of talented professionals. Consider becoming a part of the health care industry as you read these articles on becoming a dietitian, nurse, medical billing specialist and more.

Health Care Degree Articles

Online RN? Distance Learning for Nurses

Registered nurses (RNs) represent the largest category of persons employed in the healthcare industry, and their numbers are expected to increase significantly in coming years. Employment prospects for RNs are, in a word, excellent. There are three paths toward becoming an RN.

Health Care Career Articles

Dietitian Career Success Tips

If you are considering a career in dietetics, understanding your potential clients and their symptoms can help you steer your education, internship and eventual job search toward a position that bests suits your specific interests. Determining the client issues you want to handle as well as your ideal work environment are two ways to prepare for a successful dietitian career. Do you have what it takes?

A Nursing Career – Online Education Can Get You There

Ask any real life medical professional what nurses do, and you’re likely to get an answer more like “What don’t nurses do?” In short, nurses do touch everything, and if you’re interested in becoming a contributing, critical member of a healthcare team, read on to find out how online education can help get you there.

Should There Be More Men in Nursing?

Nursing is traditionally thought of as a female profession, since nurses are caregivers and usually act as assistants to doctors and other medical professionals. This stereotype persists today, but is becoming less prevalent.

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