5 Careers That Could Change the World

With a new presidential administration encouraging ideas and action, you may be looking for a purposeful career that inspires change and growth in the community. Could one of these five careers hold the key that unlocks the door to your success? Find out!

Teaching and Education

From finger painting to learning everyday math, we rely on teachers to show us the way. If you have a penchant for instructing others, you can help change the world by inspiring students to reach higher, pursue new directions and succeed.No matter what age group or subject matter you’d like to teach, there is a place for you in education. Preschool, K-12, or postsecondary positions remain available at some schools, especially if you specialize in areas such as curriculum design or special education. Most teaching positions require at least a bachelor’s degree and state licensure.Job duties vary but teachers instruct students, prepare lessons and exams, evaluate student performances, and maintain discipline in the classroom. The demand for good teachers is always high, but preschool teachers, in particular, will stay in high demand over the next 10 years with increased enrollments and more government focus on early childhood education.


Registered nurses (RNs) do what it takes to ensure patients receive proper treatment and respect. If you’re ready for a career that touches lives and helps make the world a better place, nursing just may be the path for you. With over 2.5 million jobs, registered nurses make up the largest segment of the health care profession, working in hospitals, schools, physicians’ offices and nursing homes. Duties may include recording patients’ medical histories, administering medications and therapies, performing diagnostic tests, consulting with physicians and advising patients and their families. To become a registered nurse, a candidate can pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN), an associate degree in nursing (ADN) or a diploma through a nursing school. Those with a bachelor’s degree will continue to enjoy the best job prospects through 2016, as the demand for RNs is predicted to be among the highest for all professions.

Business and Finance

Not all business and finance professionals come off as cold and uncaring. In fact, one of the best ways to make your mark in the world of business is by pursuing a career in the non-profit business sector.Charities and other non-profit organizations need smart, educated, caring employees to maintain their missions and keep finances growing. Business and finance careers include accountants, financial analysts, financial managers and business managers.Associate or bachelor’s degrees in accounting, business administration, finance or economics can prove helpful, but those with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) will have the best job prospects in the business and finance field. Financial managers, in particular, can expect to see a 37 percent job growth rate through 2016.

Computer Science and Information Technology

The amazing technological advances over the past 20 years show that those trained to create and upgrade software and other computer-related systems are consistently at the forefront of change in our high-tech world.Careers in computer science and information technology (IT) include computer programmers, computer engineers, researchers, analysts, Web designers and Internet professionals. In most businesses, government agencies, universities, non-profit organizations, chances are good a computer expert is on staff.While some high-tech jobs require only an online certificate, career opportunities are best for those with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT or other related field. Computer science and database administration is projected to be one of the fastest growing fields through 2016 with a 37 percent job growth rate expected; those with combined computer and business knowledge will have the best opportunities available to them.

Criminal Justice

Interested in one of the most “hands on” ways to keep the peace? Criminal justice professionals work in a variety of positions, but all have essentially the same goal: Keep people and their property safe from harm.The broad category of criminal justice includes jobs such as police officers, security guards, immigration officers and attorneys, but there are many more. Those in the criminal justice field may work for public or private employers.

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