Computer Science Degree Articles and Advice

Computer science / information technology is the study of computable processes and structures. In this section, discover articles on the most popular jobs in the field and how to become tech savvy with an online computer science degree.

Computer Science Career Articles

8 Hot IT Jobs

The most important product in today’s world is not the automobile or the refrigerator, it is INFORMATION. That makes Information Technology (IT) one of the fastest growing and most stable job markets out there. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor, this field will keep growing steadily at least through the year 2014, in spite of any downturns in other parts of the economy.

Are You Tech Savvy?

It’s more than owning an iPod, a laptop, or the latest generation of mobile hand-held devices. Being tech savvy means that you have a grasp on the fast-moving world of technology, and that you’re able to use this knowledge to achieve your professional and personal goals.

Enhance Your Blogging Career With Online Education

Do professional bloggers exist? Yes, there really is a job called “blogging.” Though most of the original Web logs were used as online journals, others became monetized resource sites and publications that generated relevant keywords. As blogs proved to draw more traffic, companies started hiring bloggers to create buzz about their products and drive search traffic. But what is a blogger without a mind full of valuable information and writing skill?

How to Transition into Information Technology

With the economy in the slumps, massive layoffs and employment jitters running amok, the one silver lining is that the IT industry continues to grow.

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