Enhance Your Blogging Career With Online Education

By Michelle Fabio

Do professional bloggers exist? Yes, there really is a job called “blogging.” Though most of the original Web logs were used as online journals, others became monetized resource sites and publications that generated relevant keywords. As blogs proved to draw more traffic, companies started hiring bloggers to create buzz about their products and drive search traffic. But what is a blogger without a mind full of valuable information and writing skill?

If you are ready to take your blog from a hobby to a full-time paying job, discover three ways online education can help enhance your blogging career for a successful venture.

Become a Better Blogger

A blog is only as fresh as its latest post. Writing great content requires passion for your topic as well as a solid and ever-expanding knowledge base.

Whether your subject is technology (see TechCrunch), politics (see Huffington Post) or personal growth (see Zen Habits), writing skills build credibility and a following.

Let’s face it: Keeping up to date with trends and offering readers information they can’t find elsewhere can prove challenging after awhile. As a professional blogger, you need the writing chops to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more. Online courses in communications and writing can help you craft your words effectively and persuasively — keeping your blog audience interested and growing.

Increase Technical Knowledge

Although blogging platforms are becoming more user friendly, technology keeps it running. Using a blog hosting service such as Blogger or WordPress can help you get started, but they are not entirely customizable.

To stay competitive in the blogging world, consider enrolling in online courses in computer science, information technology (IT) or Web design. While this knowledge isn’t necessary to run a blog, it comes in handy when issues arise with your site in the middle of the night; especially if your blog is losing money by the minute because of it.

Monetize Your Work

Now we get down to the nitty-gritty: How can you make money from your blog? The simple answer is there’s no way to do this without commercializing it. Some bloggers are reluctant to do so, reasoning that it takes away from the integrity of sharing information with people. But if you believe your blog provides value to people, then it’s perfectly acceptable to receive compensation for this value.

Common methods for monetizing your blog include:

  • Post ads from Google AdSense, BlogHer or Amazon
  • Request donations from readers
  • Sell products (for example: downloadable e-books about your area of expertise)

Finding a monetization strategy that works for you takes time and experimentation, but the process can run more smoothly with online training in business and marketing principles. If the subject your blog about involves finance, all the more reason to purse a degree in accounting or related field.

Professional blogging is a small business venture; if you treat it as such, you are much more likely to be successful and join the ranks of professional bloggers like Darren Rowse (ProBlogger) and personal development guru Steve Pavlina, who reportedly makes $1,000 a day from his blog.

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