How to Study in College

If you’re entering higher education for the first time or returning after a long stint in the work force, you may be wondering how to study in college most effectively. College is the “big leagues” of education, but with a little organization, discipline, and resources you can excel in your studies.

How to Manage Time in College

Some simple time management techniques can go a long way. Take a broad look at your current time commitments and figure out when you can fit studying into the crevices of your life. Block out those times on your calendar and stick to them as if they were appointments. Refrain from scheduling activities during those times. Be clear with friends and family that study times are set in stone.

How to Organize Yourself

Learn how to succeed in college by adopting valuable organization skills. With all the various life commitments—work, family, recreational—it is helpful to compartmentalize school. Have an area at home solely devoted to college, even if it is just a desk. Make folders for all of your classes. Consider “virtual” organization as well. Set up an email account devoted especially to school communications. Make email folders for each class so you can easily access communications. Set reminders on your virtual or paper calendar for study times, tests, discussions, etc.

How to Study for College Tests

You’ve carved out time, you’ve organized yourself, now, it’s go time. Some quick study tips:

  1. What the best college teachers do is help students learn how to take notes in college, emphasizing the points to expect on tests during their lectures. Make sure you write down emphasized points during classes and review them.
  2. Memorization can be a key aspect of many college tests. Some students like to use flash cards to memorize tidbits. You can even download flash card aps on your smart phone.
  3. You’ve heard the saying, “power in numbers.” Study groups—in-person or online—can be a great way to combine notes and ensure you didn’t miss any key information in class.

With a little dedication and organization you can learn how to succeed in college with effective study habits. Good luck!

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