How to Succeed in College

Do you know how to succeed in college? No matter what the best college teachers do to keep you engaged or which classes you take, your success depends on your ability to study, complete the work and turn it in. This means getting organized, sharpening your study skills and communicating clearly with your teachers.

Get Organized

Whether you already know how to succeed in college or not, getting organized will serve you well. Create a well-equipped study space. Use a student planner to keep track of coursework and a hanging file folder system to store related documents.

Sharpen Your Study Skills

Study skills are essential to being successful in college. Enroll in a study skills refresher course or seminar. Schedule regular study sessions and plan on spending at least twice as much time studying independently than you do in class.

Communicate with Teachers

Another how-to-succeed-in-college success factor involves regular communication with your teachers. According to Cal State Chico’s How to Succeed in College academic advisement program, learning to ask questions in the classroom is a real skill that must be developed. If you have questions, ask and don’t be afraid to sound “dumb.” In addition, discuss any areas of concern with your teachers early. This allows time to take appropriate corrective measures.

If you get organized, learn how to study in college effectively, do the work and regularly communicate with your teachers, you will have what it takes and the know-how to succeed in college.



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