Most Remote Colleges

By Jennifer Kelly

When it comes to “going away to school,” some out-of-state colleges just don’t seem far enough away. And for the more introverted among us, a few years of quiet time spent learning seems like something of a dream. Excluding uninhabited islands, volcanic lairs and hidden caves in the Middle East, where can one find the most remote colleges in the world? Here are just three…

If you don’t mind the cold: Longyearbyen, Norway

The University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) is located in a settlement called Longyearbyen on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard in the High Arctic. It’s considered the world’s most northerly town , with a polar climate and a total population of around 2,060 inhabitants.

Aside from using Svalbard Airport, some report that it could take two to three days by boat to get to the college from the nearest mainland city in Norway!

Students at UNIS can enjoy learning subjects such as Arctic biology and Arctic technology, among others, and most of the student body lives in renovated mining barracks on the nearby settlement of Nybyen. But the best part — no tuition fees.

Where all the cowboys have gone: California-Nevada Border, U.S.

Located on an alfalfa farm and 2,500-acre cattle ranch in an uninhabited desert valley, Deep Springs College is an all-male liberal arts college that focuses on academics, labor and self-governance to prepare men for lives of service to humanity. It’s a mile up the White Mountains in California’s High Desert, which means dealing with a climate that switches between scorching hot and icy cold, and the nearest towns are at least an hour away.

The school’s 26 students, each of whom receives a full scholarship valued at over $50,000, often finish their four-year degrees at some of the top schools in the nation. But getting in isn’t easy: only S.A.T scores in the top 1 percentile get a glance.

When you really want to get away: Auckland, New Zealand

Considered the world’s “most remote city with a population of over one million people,” Auckland is far, but busy. It has the largest Polynesian population of any city in the world and is the most populous urban area in New Zealand. It also happens to be home to a number of universities, including some of the largest in the country.

When “going away to school” means “going as far away as possible,” these colleges could fit the bill: University of Auckland, Massey University, Auckland University of Technology and Manukau Institute of Technology.*

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