What are Possible Careers for a Finance Graduate?

What are Possible Careers for a Finance Graduate?

So you’re looking at earning a degree in finance, but are wondering what kind of jobs await you upon graduation. The truth is, there are many options available. Just because you earn a degree in finance, doesn’t always mean you end up crunching numbers for an organization. After all, your career depends on your initiative and attitude as well as your skills and education. So below we will look at possible job titles for finance graduates. But first let’s look at what you learn with a finance degree.

What a Finance Degree Gives You

You will be trained in a variety of fields relating to financial concepts, including financial accounting, investments, banking, insurance, and of course business. A degree in finance is perfect for those who love math and the idea of managing and planning out an organization’s finances.

The finance degree holder will usually serve the decision makers in organizations such as banks, companies, and government agencies. Your mathematical skills will be used to make suggestions for your company’s continued financial growth, taking into consideration your organization’s goals, resources and options.

Some Possible Job Titles for Finance Graduates

Below are possible job titles for those who possess a finance degree. But, don’t be limited by this list. Remember that this represents some, but not all, of the careers available to you.

Those with an undergraduate degree in finance could be in the following categories and job titles:

  • Number crunching job titles: Auditor, Bookkeeper
  • Analyst job titles: Budget Analyst, Financial Analyst, Research Analyst
  • Insurance-related job titles: Insurance Broker, Loan Officer, Loan Processor, Underwriter
  • Investment-related job titles: Stock Broker, Associate Trader, i-Banker
  • Service-related job titles: Account Manager, Agency Manager, Branch Manager, Managing Director
  • Executive positions: CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, VP of Finance, VP of Risk Management

Possible Industry-Related Areas for Finance Graduates

Aside from the job titles, those who hold finance degrees could find themselves entering one of the following industry-related areas:

  • Corporate Finance: You will be involved with corporate decision-making and how these decisions affect the finances, investments and dividends of the corporation.
  • Commercial Banking: Unlike retail banking which has to do with accounts of individuals, commercial banking is concerned with the accounts of companies. Things such as bank loans, deposits, payroll — these are all handled by those involved with commercial banking.
  • Financial Planning: You will work with individual clients to discuss their financial goals and help them work towards those goals.
  • Investment Banking: Once again this is different from other forms of banking. In investment banking, you will be involved in buying, selling, and trading securities such as stocks. Your clients will be corporations and governments.
  • Money Management: You will work with individuals and institutions such as universities in advising them about the buying, selling, and trading of securities.
  • Real Estate Investment: You will work with both individuals and corporations to purchase real estate that will be used for investment and profit.

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