What Majors Can Allow Me to Work Abroad?

Traveling abroad is a great way to meet people from other cultures and get a better understanding of the world. Although there are many opportunities to travel overseas, finding work in a foreign country is a great way to sustain yourself for long periods. By staying overseas on a work visa, you can really become part of the culture.

Although you can work a wide variety of jobs overseas, some degree programs are better than others for the world traveler. It’s also important to consider where you want to go as some skills will suit you better in some countries than others. Regardless, here are a few degree programs that will enable you to travel abroad and work wherever you go:

Foreign Language

Regardless of what type of work you want to do, studying the language of the country you plan to visit is essential. This will make it easier for you to travel and communicate, and it’s practically impossible to get a job in a foreign country without knowing the language. Depending on where you plan to travel, knowing multiple foreign languages might make you extremely attractive in the job force.

Beyond having basic propensity for the language, studying a foreign language enables you to pursue a few different careers. For example, you could work as an interpreter in the country where you move. You could also teach English to children or adults in the country.

Information Technology

I/T jobs are some of most flexible and in-demand jobs around the globe. You can do a wide variety of jobs with this career. You’ll still need language skills, and it might be a good idea to focus your interests in a particular direction. For example, your I/T skills could be used in a governmental position with various countries. You could also work setting up networks for call centers, schools, embassies or other places. Depending on your interests, this major could open a lot of doors for you.


Engineers are in high demand around the world, especially in countries that are rapidly developing. Depending on the type of engineering you do, your work could take you nearly anywhere. Most likely, you would start working for an American firm and find a way to transfer overseas; this would be easier for most than starting entirely in a foreign country. In many cases, you’ll be working for the foreign branch of an American company or its subsidiaries, but you might be able to find work for the local government or private industries as well.


If you’re interested in the development of cultures and the way humans have shaped their environments, anthropology is a great degree for you. You can pursue it in several different ways. Many people who work for non-profits in developing nations hold anthropology or sociology degrees. You could also study anthropological archaeology around the world to look at the remains of ancient civilizations and cultures.

If you’d prefer a more practical career, anthropology is also frequently used in legal professions. If you study forensic anthropology, you can work on crime scenes throughout the globe, although certifications may be different from one place to the next.

International Business

If you’d rather have a job that enables you to travel the world without setting up residence anywhere in particular, a business degree can help. This is trickier than some other jobs since a business degree does not necessarily ensure that you will have a business of your own after you graduate. The degree will, however, give you the skills necessary to succeed.

Traveling to other countries on business, such as international trade, can be a lot of fun and provide many opportunities. It can also set you up for financial success after you’ve established your career.

Bear in mind that these are just a few suggestions for degree programs that can help you overseas. Depending on what country you plan to visit and what sort of work you enjoy, you can find a career doing nearly anything. If you choose certain types of freelance work, you can often work anywhere at any time and connect to clients over the Internet. If you’re a writer, designer or programmer, you can sustain yourself no matter where you live. In fact, if you choose to live in a country with a low cost of living, you might be able to live quite well for meager freelancing wages.

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