What to Take to College

Whether you’re embarking on a traditional on-campus college experience or attending college online, you may be wondering what to take to college to help you succeed in your studies.


With all of the online aspects of school these days, it is nearly impossible to get by without a computer. A laptop is ideal as it will allow for greater mobility so you can take notes in classes, study at the library, or find a convenient place to do schoolwork if you’re taking online classes.


Online classes make extensive use of webcams. These devices allow for face-to-face participation in online programs and allow students to hold virtual chats with teachers and other students.


An organizer—electronic or paper—should be at the top of the list of what to take to college. A key to success in school is to stay organized with class assignments, study groups, and all of the various details of your college career. There is a multitude of organization software for your computer and smart phone aps to keep you on top of everything.

Fun Stuff

If you’re living on campus and trying to determine what to take to college, don’t forget bedding, closet organizers, and your favorite décor to add a personal touch to your new home. Enrolling in online college? Designate an area of your home—a room or even just a corner and desk—to school. You can make this fun, by putting up school logos, motivational sayings, and decorations to make this a welcoming location.

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