Why Go To College?

People attend college for a variety of reasons. Educational opportunities abound, opening doors that could improve your quality of life and positively impact your future. Some of the reasons why you should go to college include:

  • Great job opportunities – Over 20 million new jobs are expected to be generated in the next decade, with those requiring a master’s degree anticipated to grow the fastest while jobs for high school diploma holders will experience the least growth.
  • Higher Income – Many high paying jobs require a bachelor’s or higher degree. In some professions, the higher the degree, the greater the income.
  • Job Security – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, degree holders are about half as likely to be unemployed than high school diploma holders.
  • Benefits and Pension Plans – According to the College Board, college degree holders are more likely to be offered additional benefits and pension plans than their non-degreed counterparts.
  • Personal Accomplishment – Earning a degree provides a level of accomplishment that is not acquired by every person. Knowing that you are unique and earned a degree offers a sense of personal accomplishment that can’t be taken away.

Why attend college and earn a degree? More money, greater job security and better benefits all sound like excellent reasons! Start today by checking out the online college options that fit your lifestyle.

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