Will an Online Degree be Recognized Outside of the USA?

Online degrees provide an opportunity for people to pursue an education that they may otherwise not be able to get. By taking classes online, a student is able to pursue an education while working a full time job, living in a rural area or raising a family. While online colleges are gaining in popularity, there are still many concerns about them, and it’s important to be well-informed before making any choices about the future of your education.

One question you may be pondering is whether an online degree will be usable outside of the United States. There are many reasons you might want to travel outside of the country, and having a degree you can take with you will make it easier to find work or post-secondary education opportunities. You might not need a degree to do certain jobs, but it does make it easier to get work in a foreign country if you have an advanced skill.

Most reputable online colleges offer accredited degree programs, which means that the degree you earn will be usable anywhere in the U.S. just like a traditional college degree. Checking into whether or not a degree program and school are accredited is a very important part of choosing an online school. Accredited degree programs can be used to qualify for enrollment in an American graduate school, and employers will be more likely to recognize them as equivalent to any other degree.

When traveling overseas, this becomes even more complicated. Other countries have different degree requirements and grades are often calculated differently. For example, a bachelor’s degree usually takes four years in the U.S., but it takes three years in some other countries. When moving to a new country, it’s important to check into that country’s educational standards to see how your degree will transfer. This is true of traditional degrees and online colleges alike. As long as a program is accredited, the degree should be identical to any other American degree when transferring your credits overseas.

Why Would I Need to Transfer a Degree?

If you’re already learned your degree, you may not need to worry about whether it will transfer to another country. After all, you will have learned whatever information was taught in school, and that knowledge won’t go away when you cross the border. On the other hand, you may find that you have difficulty getting into a graduate school program or certain jobs if your degree is not accredited in your new country.

For example, being a doctor in the United States may not necessarily qualify you to practice medicine abroad. You may need to pass additional certification exams or take courses to prove your proficiency, depending on the country. Every country has its own laws, so something that’s true of one area may not be true of another.

When immigrants come into the U.S. with foreign degrees, they need to have that degree assessed to transfer correctly to a U.S. grading and credit system. This same process works in reverse, and each country will have its own system for valuing degrees. American degrees are well-respected in many countries, but you may need to re-take certification exams.

Transferring a Degree to Another Country’s University

If you’re planning to transfer to a foreign college, the best way to find out about whether they take online degrees is simply to ask. You can call or email an advisor from the college of your choice and ask about international students. They will be able to provide you with information about that particular country and university’s policies so you’ll know that your degree will transfer.

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