Work-From-Home Careers for 2012

In recent years, home employment has become an appealing career option for a growing number of jobseekers. Working from home, commonly known as telecommuting, offers several potential benefits, including:

  • Adjustable schedules and flex time hours
  • Savings on travel and meal expenses
  • Increased time with family
  • Less dependence on gas and other resources

Thanks to advances in computer and mobile technologies, professionals can pursue a variety of work-from-home opportunities in several industries. Freelance or contract projects can work well for home-based workers with technology or media experience. Professionals looking for full-time home employment may consider telecommuting positions in the legal or education sectors.

Here are the best careers for home-based professionals:

  1. Online Educators – home employment positions for tutors and teachers The increased availability of Internet access, e-books and web conferencing software has made distance learning an effective and convenient option for many students. Positions for home-based educators may include:
  2. Online Tutor – assist elementary, secondary or post-secondary students with homework, special projects and test preparation.
  3. Online Teacher – teach students enrolled in home study programs, public or private post-secondary schools or career training programs.
  4. Virtual Customer Service – telecommuting jobs for home-based representatives Developments in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software has helped increase at-home work for customer service professionals. Companies from a variety of industries are “home sourcing” their customer service calls. Opportunities for these home-based professionals are available in areas like:
  5. Financial Services – handle customer inquiries for financial institutions.
  6. Telecommunications – assist customers with account and equipment issues.
  7. Retail – upsell customers and confirm their purchase details.
  8. Writers and Editors – home-based careers for writing and editing professionals The shift from print to online media has created the need for professionals skilled in writing and editing content for the Web. Contract and freelance opportunities are common for these home-based workers, and positions may include:
  9. Online copywriter – produce advertising or marketing copy for agencies, businesses or individual clients.
  10. Proofreader/Editor – review, proof or edit content for media companies, online magazines or professionals.
  11. Transcriptionists – work-from-home transcription opportunities in numerous industries The widespread use of email, audio software and word processing programs makes it possible for many transcriptionists to work from a home office effectively. At-home transcriptionists may specialize in a variety of fields, including:
  12. Medical Transcription – transcribe dictated recordings from physicians and other medical professionals into correspondence, reports and administrative documents.
  13. Legal Transcription – transcribe recordings from attorneys, paralegals and other legal professionals into records, reports and testimony.
  14. Web Designers and Developers – flex time positions for home-based Web professionals Advancements in design and application software and widespread demand for high-quality websites has led to increased opportunities for home-based web designers and developers. These professionals may work on a contract or full-time basis. Opportunities may include:
  15. Web Designer – use HTML and CSS knowledge to design and maintain websites for companies, organizations or individuals.
  16. Web Developer – use software programming expertise to write and maintain website applications for public or private use.

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