What College is Right for Me?

With over 6600 colleges available in the United States alone, choosing the school that is right for you could be daunting. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the number of U.S. colleges grows every year by 8-12%. The good news is that with so many choices you’re sure to find the one that best fits your educational needs. To narrow down your options, answer the following questions and discover how to pick a college.

What Colleges have my major?

Do you want a new career or to just grow in your current profession? If you’re looking for a very specific major or subject matter, you could narrow down the search quickly. If you’re open to a variety of possible majors, then you’ll want to examine more colleges to explore all of your options.

How much time do I want to spend on a degree?

Colleges offer certificates, two year, four year and graduate degrees. Degree programs require different timeframes, so the major you choose will affect the amount of time you spend earning your degree. Some colleges offer fast track programs and should be considered if you’re short on time.

What’s my lifestyle?

If you’re holding down a job while earning your degree, online colleges could provide greater flexibility in time management as you learn from home on your own schedule. However, if you learn better in the classroom and have time to commute to a local campus that could narrow down your considerations.

Considering these questions can take you down the path toward answering the question, what is the best college for me? Now that you know how to find the right college, explore your educational options and move forward with the courses and degree that fit you best!

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